International Watch Co

IWC, or International Watch Co., is a luxury watch brand located in Switzerland and founded
by Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American watchmaker. The company was established in
1868; its official motto is Probus Scafusia – ‘good, solid craftsmanship’.

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history of iwc

Florentine Ariosto Jones had been working as a director for the leading watchmakers
in America at the time E. Howard & Co. until 1868, the time he founded IWC Watches.
The goal of IWC, when it was formed, was to create watch parts and movements for
the American watch market. However, Jones was met with opposition when he
revealed plans to open a factory in Switzerland, as many of the skilled watchmakers
in that country feared that his factory would mean they would lose their jobs working
from home.

Nevertheless, the factory did open, and it was not long before Jones needed to
expand by renting additional rooms. By 1874, there was a requirement for a new
factory, which was built and completed in 1875. In 1880, IWC was taken over by
Johann Rauschenbusch-Vogel, but he died a year later. The company then passed to
his son Johannes, and it was passed down through the generations after that.

iwc brand

IWC have a number of watch families including the Portugieser family, which has been a
hugely popular choice for many years. This IWC wristwatch was developed in the late
1930s when two businesspersons from Portugal requested that IWC create wrist watches
that had the same precision as marine chronometers. The result was one of IWC’s most
striking designs, even if it did not appear so at the time. The IWC Portuguese Watches
did not become popular until 1993 but is now one of the company’s top selling products.
The Aquatimer family is IWC’s collection of diver’s watches, offering first class
functionality with exceptional beauty. With products that are water resistant up to two
hundred bar, the Aquatimer collection is the ideal choice for professional divers.
The company also produces some of the most exquisite IWC Pilot Watches and a
collection of luxury watches made with precious gems such as diamonds and pearls.

charity donations

IWC offers a unique timepiece for an online auction every year; it has done so
since 1997. The proceeds of the auction are donated to the Ecole des Sables –
Antoine de Saint-Exupery School in Mali. The school provides education for the
children of the Tuareg tribe in that country.